About Radios

About Radios

It’s been a long and adventurous journey since the 19th century when the first radio was created till nowadays when almost every decent radio station is available worldwide, just a few clicks away, stored in your pocket.

Walking down the timeline of radio start somewhere with Armstrong creating AM and FM radio. These radios could change station between FM playing music and AM playing shows, interviews and plays.

For decades to come, radio was mostly changing towards similar but smaller, to those you could have carry around easily.

un-radio-dayThe middle of the previous century brought rock and roll radio station played on even smaller devices, but 80’s, glam as they were introduced big boom box. Big boom box radio played loud music and people carrying it around on their shoulders remained kind of recognizable scene from this period.

Today’s satellite radio and XM radio represent the development of sophisticated technologies and overall efforts to design cozy, practical, user-friendly and attractive products. Modern radio stations cover a variety of programs, from music, to sports, news, talk shows, and plays.

xm-xpressr-satellite-radio-receiverThe final era began with the Internet stepping on the stage and setting online radio stations on air. Nowadays, there are thousands of music streaming websites, covering all music genres and most of them allow you a certain level of interaction. Some are designed to simply stream the music, others allow you to create playlists on your own, mix genres, skip songs or to simply choose a genre, press play, sit back and enjoy the music.


Nevertheless, today when the entire world’s music is a click away from you, downloadable and stored in your pocket, old fashioned listening to the radio seems particularly intimate ritual for enjoying your spare time. One might expect to see radio being left behind as outdated among modern technologies and internet possibilities enabling every user to get his hands on any music he like, but radio keeps surviving. The surprising effect of waiting for the next song to play on air or the mere thought of all the other people anywhere around the world listening to the same things at the same time with you remain features that no downloading can replace.

tumblr_m7w4ryyRhi1qez43mo1_500We created the blog for all radio lovers, whether you stick to your old fashioned device or use modern online radio stations. Here we share the experiences, discuss the newly founded radio station worth of paying attention to, categorize station based on the dominant genre they play and keep searching for new ones offering the attractive program, enjoyable speakers and variety of entertaining content. We analyze features and possibilities of dozens of internet radio station, functions they feature as well as a quality of their streaming. Once in a week or month, we create our top rated radio stations based on different criteria offering our followers brand new ideas for radio stations and opportunity to enjoy their time in a different manner.

From radio station with classic music and educational program to progressive or chill out radio stations to those that allow you to be your own DJ occasionally, you will come across the great collection of radio stations on our pages that will suit your various moods, wishes and atmospheres.

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